Monday, March 6, 2017

Betapress AMP Blogger Template

Theme Betapress AMP claimed by the author as one of the most fastest template. The best feature of this theme is the loading time of less than one second. This is because the theme is SEO optimized completely with structured data.

No JavaScripts that are used in the making of this AMP's theme. Bt9 has designed theme with the look of elegance without compromising essential features in it. Key share WhatsApp will appear automatically when the blog is opened from a mobile device.

The theme of this AMP is published to your after Facebook page of btheme9 received so many requests. You'll love the design and color combination that's been taken from iBeats template.

You'll love to see this AMP fast load blogger template on your blog. Grab this theme and give your blog a pro look.
Features of Betapress AMP Template:
Theme eligible for AMP search
Valid Schema, Seo optimized
Load Disqus comments opt
Social & whatsapp sharing
Fully Responsive Theme
3 colum footer area

Instructions To Set Up Betapress On Your Blog

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